Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Impotence in the Body of Christ?

Should something amazing be happening in churches if Christianity is true?


  1. What "amazing" things would you expect? Do you mean material events?

    If so, I think not. Material manifestation of God would change the nature of the relationship between God and Man by changing Man's perspective on the nature of God Himself.

    If you mean spiritually amazing things, I would suggest that they are happening. A powerful belief in God generates both positive and negative results, from widespread collective action against poverty and suffering to individual efforts to destroy those who do not share particular faiths.

  2. Is there a widespread, collective action against poverty? Am I out of touch in my remote corner of the world?

    I do mean "spiritually amazing things". If I ask the question of church-ianity, I think it might posit a large growth in conversions and/or membership, although I may be underestimating it.

    Maybe a better question is this: "What would 'amazing' look like?" Is it already there and I can't see it?

    Whether God is created by us or just is, should we be capable of big things? What is a big thing?